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Thursday, July 30, 2015
from Moose International
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Administrator's Message
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From the Desk of the Administrator

Hope everyone is enjoying Summer.

A big thank you to all sponsors. Top sponsor was George Tolbert, he enrolled 30 new members and opted for the $1000.00 prize. Thanks for your extra effort George.
To date we have enrolled 18. We need everyone’s help to reach our goal of plus 1. Top sponsors this year will win a life membership or cash equivalent. Other sponsors incentives include; receive $5.00’s in Moose bucks, $25.00 Moose Catalog certificate for every 5 enrolled as well as the many awards Moose International offers.
Please sign new members and help our fraternity grow stronger. We also need your help with membership retention.
Don’t forget to give the office your reportable community service hours. This first quarter report will be May, June and July.
This is the time of year we look for high school students to participate in the Youth Awareness Congress where they will receive training on how to present Kids Talks. Students can earn scholarships for their talks. The Youth Awareness Program is open to all students-freshman thru seniors, not just Moose member’s children. The Youth Awareness Congress will be hosted by our Lodge November 1st thru the 3rd.
June 30th was the Lodge’s annual golf tournament and it was better than ever. Thanks to all participants and special thanks to Terry & Heather McIntosh and crew. A great deal of time and effort goes in to this tournament. We all appreciate not just what you do for the tournament, but what you do for Mooseheart, Moosehaven and Anchorage Boys & Girls Club which has started a youth golf program.
The Horseshoe league season is in full “swing”. I hope all of you horseshoe pitchers are enjoying the season and a big thanks to all for the many contributions to the Lodge and Fraternity as well as your many volunteer hours.
We will be attending the International convention in New Orleans, LA in July (12th –15th). While there, we will learn more to share in the coming months.
Congratulations to Colleen McNulty who will receive her Cap & Gown and Kim Deitz who will receive her Star Recorder degree in New Orleans. You both so richly deserve this elevation to a higher degree.
The municipal permitting process and mostly the weather has slowed our roof replacement project down greatly, please be patient. The contractors must abide by the weather. As of this writing, the north end of our building which contains the LOOM office, conference room, storage/billiard room, and kitchen/pantry has been re-roofed.
This year, like every year past, our goal is to keep our Lodge running as efficiently as possible and we can only do it with your support. So stay involved, stop by when you can, and we will all continue to have fun as a Moose family. Looking forward to seeing you at the Lodge and the annual picnic July 8th. Everyone have a great and safe summer.

BJ Haas-Administrator

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