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Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Law Update
Effectively immediately- we can no longer offer Sunday breakfast discounted drinks.

"Drink prices must be the same for the entire day. As 04.16.015 (a)(5) prohibits licensees from selling drinks on any one day at prices less than those charged to the general public on that day. Essentially, the price of a drink must remain constant all throughout any given day. It can't be raised or lowered during the day."

Even though we are a private club, we still have to follow state laws.
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  • 04/26/2017 Active Military/First Responders Promotion Extended and Expanded
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
from Moose International
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Administrator's Message
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Hello Everyone,
Hopefully everybody had a great Summer and got to do all the activities you wanted to do.
Membership! Membership! Our membership goal for the 2017-2018 moose year is 1 more. At the close of April, membership was at 1294. With everyone's help, lets see if we can end the Moose year with over 1300 members. Sponsors, we need your help to achieve this goal. Sponsors receive $5.00 in moose bucks for every candidate signed up. Sponsors signing up 5 will receive a $25.00 certificate from the Alaska Hawaii Moose Association to purchase items in the International catalog. The lodge will award the top sponsor a life membership or cash equivalent. See the Moose International membership poster page for the many sponsors incentives offered. All sponsor credits will count towards the Moose 5 Club, Moose 25 Club, and Directors General Circle of Distinction Recognition programs.
We also need everyone’s help with retaining our membership. Throughout the year volunteers meet and call on members whose dues have lapsed. If you can help please let Governor Hanna and/or the office know.
The Moosehaven centennial project has begun. This is the a 3-year, 10 million dollar fundraiser. Moosehaven seniors deserve to be in a modern safe environment. Please donate what you can.
Once again the Moose Legion committee will be running Monday night football. The 1st Monday game will be September 11th, come join us for a great menu, 50/50 and door prizes. All of which leads to a great Super Bowl party.
I would like to thank Governor Hanna and past Governor McIntosh for organizing the freezer/meat raffle. The proceeds from this raffle are going to be used for a much needed sound system upgrade for our ballroom. Thank you to everyone that participated.
Please note that an endowment collection box has been placed in the social quarters by the popcorn machine. Any and all contributions to the endowment fund are sent in their entirety to Moose Charities.
One of the lodges community service projects this year is to raise funds for the bell tower for the Anchorage memorial park cemetery. Please support events that the lodge does to raise funds for this project.
Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers. Looking forward to seeing you in the Lodge.
Annual raffle tickets will be on sale early September.
BJ Haas– Administrator
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